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"Houseplant Hookups: All the Dirt You Need to Find the Perfect Match" By Agatha Isabel

Are you a plant curious person or someone looking for the perfect gift for a plant enthusiast in your life? Look no further! "Houseplant Hookups" is the ultimate guide that will help you navigate the world of cohabitation with 35 potential houseplant partners.

Whether you have a less-than-ideal living situation with a view of a brick wall or tend to forget your plant-parenting responsibilities, this book has got you covered. It delves into the details of each houseplant, highlighting their specific needs and compatibility with different environments.

Gone are the days of relying on average Tinder profiles. "Houseplant Hookups" provides valuable insights to determine if a relationship with a particular plant, such as the Snake Plant for low-light apartments or the independent and forgiving Golden Pothos, is destined to be a short-lived affair or a lasting love.

If you're overwhelmed and unsure where to begin, fear not! The book offers a fun and informative Cosmo-inspired quiz to help you narrow down your matches, ensuring you find the perfect green companion.

With its engaging content and practical advice, "Houseplant Hookups" is a must-read for plant curious individuals seeking to establish fulfilling relationships with houseplants. It also makes a fantastic gift for those who appreciate the beauty and benefits of indoor greenery. 

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