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Agatha Isabel is a multifaceted individual seamlessly blending creativity and technology. An accomplished author, dedicated plant enthusiast, non-profit leader, and digital privacy professional, Agatha has left an indelible mark with her debut publication, "Houseplant Hookups: All You Need To Find The Perfect Match."

In addition to her literary achievements, Agatha is the proud owner of the popular online plant store, 'Plant Ma Shop,' where her deep connection to the natural world converges with her passion for plants. She also spearheads various plant-related initiatives, notably "Planting for Progress."

By day, Agatha works in the tech industry and data privacy, ensuring regulatory compliance and upholding customer trust in emerging technologies. Currently pursuing her Masters in Legal Studies at Cornell Law, she seamlessly navigates the intersection of law and technology, a testament to her diverse skill set.
Agatha's creative pursuits extend beyond writing, encompassing drawing and painting, which are often inspired by her travels to tropical destinations. Nature not only serves as a muse but also as a source of healing and creativity.

As a steadfast advocate for inclusivity and community, Agatha leverages her unique immigrant background to make meaningful contributions to community building. Her commitment to grassroots organizations is evident as she dedicates her time and expertise to various causes.

Residing in Southern California, and healing from a broken leg,  Agatha continues to make a positive impact on both the plant-loving community and the world at large. To learn more about her work and stay connected, visit her website at www.agathaisabel.com.

Featured in publications such as New York Times,Architectural Digest, CNN, SELF Magazine, The Sill, The Spruce, Apartment Therapy, and Repeller, Agatha remains grounded by what means the most to her – her cats, Cosmo and Miso.

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"...Mingling with the flora assassins were the true green thumbs, like Agatha Isabel, 31, an author whose book, “Houseplant Hookups,” acts as a matchmaking service to help people choose plants to buy or give as gifts.
Ms. Isabel is part of a blooming online community of plant lovers, where, she said, she has made true friends. “Yes, I met these people through the love of plants,” she said. “But I love them because they care about the environment, about sustainability. And they’re all about women’s empowerment.”..... Read More here. "

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About Agatha
Houseplant Hookups Author Bio

Agatha Isabel is a bad b*tch. After moving to Brooklyn from LA, she began her plant collection and rediscovered a deep connection with nature. She’s passionate about community-building in all aspects of her life and through Planting for Progress, a community-sourced project that raised money for human rights and local organizations, and her shop, Plant Ma, she has created a thriving plant community. With nature as her muse, she writes, paints, and travels to tropical locations as a creative outlet to balance her professional tech and privacy career. She can usually be found volunteering with local nonprofits, exploring new nature spots, vibing at a concert, or trying to find love on a dating app. She is currently based in Southern California.