“I’d Rather Hook Up With My Plants" Giveaway!

 Partnering with, and focused on promoting the creativity of female artists in the community. 

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Crosstitutes is a women-owned brand founded by Haley and Briony, two friends wanting to celebrate art through a feminist lens. Their focuses include mental health, climate change, body positivity, and other causes, which they take on through cross stitching and embroidery. 

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Angela created Plant Dosage in the Summer of 2019 as her love of plants started to grow. Alongside selling plants, she started making wooden plant jewelry. Since then she has made over 150 designs for plant lovers, along with Dainty Little Things, her minimal jewelry line. 

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Alina Fassakhova is an abstract artist working in various techniques and mediums including acrylics, oil and pastel. Alina finds her inspiration in natural textures of landscapes and plants, indigenous cultures living a harmony with their habitat, vibrant colors of tropical reefs.
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Agatha Isabel has flexed her creative muscles and is coming out with her first book! "Houseplant Hookups: All the Dirt you Need to Find the Perfect Match" is a humorous book focused on plants as dating profiles. She can't wait to meet y'all on her upcoming book tour. 

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Established in 1649, the goal of Fiskars is to cultivate family fun in the home from crafting to gardening and beyond. From the world's first plastic scissors with a plastic handle, to creating a full color palate of options. 

Fiskars continues to support the creative community as well as the plant community and Agatha's book tour! 

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