Connecting people back to nature, onehouseplant at a time.

At Plant Ma Shop, we're on a mission to create elevated spaces through biophilic and sustainable plant design. 

Using locally sourced, handmade & vintage vessels, published author & trusted expert on houseplants, Agatha Isabel, offers personal plantscaping & houseplant design. 

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We live doing better: pushing sustainable business practices across our entire supply chain from our potting tarps to moss poles. 

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About Agatha
Houseplant Hookups Author Bio

Agatha Isabel is a bad b*tch. After moving to Brooklyn from LA, she began her plant collection and rediscovered a deep connection with nature. She’s passionate about community-building in all aspects of her life and through Planting for Progress, a community-sourced project that raised money for human rights and local organizations, and her shop, Plant Ma, she has created a thriving plant community. With nature as her muse, she writes, paints, and travels to tropical locations as a creative outlet to balance her professional tech and privacy career. She can usually be found volunteering with local nonprofits, exploring new nature spots, vibing at a concert, or trying to find love on a dating app. She is currently based in Southern California.